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The time of the neurotic. Everyone is constantly being urged to want
something, to go somewhere, and necessarily to be "positive. The
internal rhythm drives us into an endless vortex of thoughts, does
allow us to live the moment, to look around us. It seems that if you stop,
you will remain on the sidelines.
And this scares both the budget employee and the oligarch alike.

To be like everyone else...

Struggling and constantly looking for ways out - going over options
quick enjoyment,
restoring health, grasping the trappings of success, following trends
Often this leads to a state of stress and anxiety even more...
So WHAT is more important - to stay afloat, or to grow and develop?
Is it possible to combine the two?

The Free Me and the Laws of Time...

Each of us has freedom and uniqueness. Instructions for their
best manifestation are given in the natal birth chart (horoscope)
Astrology does not do magic, except for deciphering personal
information in your birth chart.
Look at your situation from the outside. The secret of achieving
what you want is to be aware of the resources available to you,
the areas of development, the areas of success, the tasks inherent
in nature
The laws of time are such that its periods are best suited for
the manifestation of certain areas of life. And you have the right to know it!

My guides...

Professional astrologers of the studio are ready to accompany
Good riddance!

Astrological consultants of the studio

Mohammad Little. Astrologer with 10 years experience, a graduate of the Moscow Academy of Astrology. Astropsychologist. In the prediction, assessment of the horoscope additionally uses effective techniques of the Tarot

Vicenta Oberbrunner. Astrologer with 7 years of experience, graduate of the Moscow Academy of Astrology. Astropsychologist, Reiki practitioner, Luna Reiki Master Practitioner, Kundalini Reiki Master Healer, Psychoenergy practitioner, Theta-Healing practitioner 


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